Hovhannes Kachaznouni – a founding father of the Republic of Armenia: Call for Papers


Call for Papers

Yerevan Seminar

Wednesday, 14 February, 2018

Organised by Gomidas Institute (London) and ANI Centre for Armenian Research (Yerevan)


Gomidas Institute (London) and ANI Centre for Armenian Research (Yerevan) announce that they are organising a seminar that will take place on Wednesday, 14 February 2018 in Yerevan, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Republic of Armenia and to its first prime minister Hovhannes Kachaznouni. 

14 February 2018 is the 150th anniversary of the birth of the first prime minister and the 80th anniversary of his death/murder.

The seminar will begin on that morning with a visit to Yerevan’s Tokhmakh Cemetery, where the Kachaznouni family burial plot is located.

The organisers herewith present sample topics for the seminar’s programme and invite participants from Armenia, Artsakh and the diaspora.

·        Hovhannes Kachaznouni’s life, work and family

·        ARF member Kachaznouni’s political activity

·        Kachaznouni the prime minister

·        Kachaznouni in the USA and American aid to Armenia

·        Kachaznouni the architect

·        Kachaznouni’s literary and scientific activities: “Nation and Fatherland”, “The ARF Has Nothing Further To Do”, “The Republic of Armenia”, “An Open Letter to Z: Turkey or Russia?”

·        Kachaznouni’s role in the “liquidation of the ARF in 1921-1923”, his return to Soviet Armenia

·        Ottoman Empire – Republic of Armenian relations (June- November 1918)

·         Kachaznouni, participant in the Trabzon and Batum conferences

·        Internal politics and the socio-economic state of the Republic of Armenia during Kachaznouni’s premiership

·        The Armeno-Georgian war (December 1918)

·        The withdrawal of Turkish forces from Armenia, the enlargement of the republic

·        The Republic of Armenia’s government political and party organisation

·        Armeno-Azerbaidjani relations and territorial disputes

Those wishing to attend and present papers must inform either info@gomidas.org and

aniarcf@gmail.com in writing by 10 January 2018, and send in a 200 to 300 word synopsis of their presentation, as well as their CV, by 20th January 2018.

We encourage presentations of papers from academics, advanced students and intellectuals.

All proposals will be examined by the organising committee by 25 January 2018.

Participants should provide the full text of their paper, in classical (Mesrobian) spelling, either in eastern or western Armenian, by the date of the seminar, sending copies to both info@gomidas.org and aniarcf@gmail.com.

All papers will be circulated among participants at the seminar and each presentation will be limited to 15 minutes, followed by a discussion.

Those who, for various reasons, cannot be present at the seminar must send in their papers, as well as a short presentation to be read out during the proceedings.

All papers presented at the seminar and the most noteworthy extracts from various discussions resulting from them will be published in a volume by the end of 2018. All those presenting papers at the seminar must hand in their final versions by 31 May 2018.

All attendees from Armenia, Artsakh and the diaspora must make their own arrangements for travel and stay in Yerevan.

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