Karabagh: struggling heroically against the tyranny of Sultanov – 1919


[11 June 1919]

Resolution passed by demonstrators in Yerevan following news of massacres in Karabagh. The resolution was supported by all the Armenian political parties. Similar resolutions were also adopted at rallies in other cities, including Tbilisi.

The extent to which the Armenian people have been massacred in Turkey, in Karabagh, in Azerbaijan exceeded all previous bounds. It is enough! We can tolerate no longer the slaughter of our women and children under the very eyes of the representatives of the great peoples of Europe.


We protest emphatically and, in the name of civilization and the self-determination of peoples, express our boundless admiration for our brothers of Karabagh, who are struggling heroically against the tyranny of Sultanov.

[Republic of Armenia Archives, File 66a]

The Karabagh File, Documents and Facts, 1918-1988, First Edition, Cambridge Toronto 1988, by the ZORYAN INSTITUTE, edited by: Gerard J. LIBARIDIAN, p. 21.